There is a lot of debate going around with this new trending topic “is baby oil good for skin” especially when the news of Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $4.7 billion to the women who said that the company’s baby powder gave them ovarian cancer. However, reports produced by regulatory agencies do not indicate that baby oil contains any harmful chemicals. Despite its controversial nature, there is enough scientific evidence that claims baby oil is safe for external use. But there are even instances where you can avoid using baby oil containing fragrances especially if you have sensitive skin or any allergies.

Can I use baby oil on face?

No, especially if you have oily skin or prone to breakouts. Baby oil is made of 98% mineral oil and 2% fragrance, mineral oil is derived from petroleum. Mineral oil leaves a thin layer on the skin that makes it difficult to absorb and causing acne. However you can use this on your body after showering while your skin is still damp, it will act as a good moisturizer for those who have extremely dry skin.

Can I use baby oil for tanning?

Tanning with baby oil can leave you with seriously damaged skin. While tanning oil contains SPF that protects your skin from sunlight, baby oils, in that case, has no SPF protection (which is essential if you want to keep yourself safe from UV rays) as a result it attracts and absorbs more sunlight directly to the skin. When the sun rays penetrate deeply into the skin through the oil it damages the cellular composition almost immediately may lead to sunburn. Never step outside without sunscreen and reapply it if necessary.

Can I use baby oil to remove makeup?

Leaving your eye makeup overnight can lead to eye infection or irritation and puffiness. So it is extremely important to take off your makeup before going to bed and using natural oils instead of commercial makeup removers can serve your purpose. “Many women use oil to remove eye makeup. If this is the technique you choose, go for a baby-safe formula that won’t irritate the eye area or leave your eyelids dry,” says Brian Zelickson, MD, Founder of MD Complete Skincare. But if you’re prone to breakouts then this might not be makeup removing an option for you. Instead, we would recommend you to go for something natural like coconut oil or olive oil.

Is baby oil good for your nails?

Yes, baby oil can be used for removing cuticles from your nails. Apply baby oil on your nails every night before you sleep to moisturize them naturally.

Can baby oil deal with cracked heels?

Baby oil is best when dealing with cracked and dry heels. Just slather some baby oil before going to sleep on your damp feet focusing on your heels and toes, massage it for 5 minutes. Secure your legs by using socks in order to avoid your sheets from getting dirty and to seal moisture. Wake up next day with soft and smooth heels.

Can baby oil be used after shaving?

Yes, baby oil is an excellent alternative post hair removal process. You can use this to remove the stickiness that lingers after waxing. Take a small amount of baby oil in your hand, mix it with water and apply all over the areas you just waxed. You can even use oil-soaked tissues.

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