Using Rice water for skin lightening is something women in Asian countries have been using for centuries. Many skincare experts are dubbing rice water a beauty secret that is worth trying. Sounds fancy!! This tempted me to give a try as I was tired of watching my bank accounts dwindle from expensive products. I willfully deceived myself into believing that skincare is pretty simple, but who knew about the nightmare that awaited: I started experiencing breakouts followed by dark spots, open pores, and my skin was looking extremely dull. So my next plan was to switch to alternatives, something natural with no side effects. I have been using this religiously for past two months and now I’m stunned by its mind-boggling results. Seriously guys!! The hype around rice water for skin lightening make it well worth investigating.

What is rice water?

Rice water is the cloudy white liquid rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are excellent sources of nourishment for your skin. It is also a great anti-oxidant due to the presence of ferulic acid. The water remaining after soaking or boiling rice is called rice water. Its anti-inflammatory property helps to treat acne, eczema, sunburn, soothes irritated skin.

Let’s take a glance at the benefits of rice water
  • Excellent skin toner
  • Lightens dark spots
  • Shrinks pores
  • Treats acne
  • Clears blemishes
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Brightens skin
The next time you make rice, don’t throw away the water. This is one of the most simple DIY beauty product which has nourishing and brightening benefits.

Rice Water For Skin Lightening

There are two ways to make rice water: soaking and boiling,


Soaking Method:

All you need:

  • ½ cup uncooked organic rice
  • 2 cups of water
To make rice water, wash rice thoroughly to remove dirt and impurities. Soak washed rice with 2 cups of water for approx 30-40 minutes. Swirl it around or lightly knead it until the water turns cloudy. This will help vitamins and minerals to seep into water thereby giving maximum benefits. Your rice water is now ready to use. This is my personal favorite homemade toner.

Boiling Method:

Boil rice in a pot and after rice is prepared, strain the water. The excess water will look somewhat thick and creamy which is rich in nutrients. It’s better to dilute it with some clean water till it turns a little bit cloudy.

How to use rice water?

Take a cotton ball and apply on your face in circular motion. Refrigerate it for about a week. With regular use, I noticed fading of my pimple marks, the appearance of pores minimized to some extent, improvement in my skin tone. In short, I’m extremely happy with this miracle ingredient

Rice water method is a slow healing process, you may get visible results within days or weeks or months. I religiously used this as a toner for 15 days to get the results.

Have you tried using rice water on the skin? Do share your experience !!


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